Return to Form: The tallest solid wood building in Denver

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Denver, known for its impressive skyline and thriving architectural scene, is preparing to welcome a new megaconstruction that is destined to leave a lasting mark on the city. The tallest solid wood building in Denver, called “Return to Form,” will rise in the River North Arts District starting in July 2023. This landmark project not only stands out for its height but also for its innovative use of sustainable materials and its revolutionary approach to wood construction.

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The 12-story “Return to Form” building will stand as an architectural gem in the heart of Denver. However, what truly sets it apart is its structural system, which utilizes mass timber. This groundbreaking technology employs small-diameter trees from sustainably managed forests, turning them into a source of renewable and low-impact construction materials.

Through continuous planting and responsible harvesting, these sustainable forests offer a constant supply of high-quality wood. The mass timber structure is composed of wooden panels that are glued and laminated together, forming a solid and resilient structure. This approach not only provides strength and stability to the building but also surprising fire resistance, thanks to the natural properties of solid wood.

The use of mass timber is not only advantageous from an environmental perspective but also offers aesthetic benefits. The “Return to Form” building will stand out for its natural and warm appearance, providing a cozy and modern ambiance to its residents and visitors.

Impact and Future of Solid Wood Construction: The “Return to Form” project represents a milestone in sustainable construction in Denver and lays the groundwork for future megaconstructions that adopt this innovative mass timber technology. By utilizing renewable materials, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting responsible forest management, this project aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change and promote eco-friendly construction.

Moreover, the use of mass timber can also have a positive economic impact, as it fosters the demand for local timber products and promotes job creation in the forestry industry.

The solid wood building “Return to Form” is destined to become an architectural icon in Denver, demonstrating that it is possible to reach new heights using sustainable materials and innovative construction practices. With its focus on mass timber, this project not only offers strength and stability but also a naturally beautiful aesthetic.

As awareness about sustainability and climate change continues to grow, solid wood construction presents itself as a promising and viable alternative to traditional building methods. With megaconstructions like “Return to Form,” cities can lead the way towards a greener and more resilient future, showcasing that sustainable and low-impact construction is the way forward.