Retail Space Renovation Tenant Improvement

Staying on trend is one of the main objectives of any retail business. This is obviously true of the products they sell, but also the spaces in which they sell them. Retail is a very visual industry and customers are as much influenced by the retail space as they are by the products they’re buying.

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Tenant Improvement Allowance: What Is It and What Does It Cover?

When a tenant leases a new space, it’s likely they’ll request some changes to the space to suit their specific needs. They may have requested a tenant improvement allowance be included in the lease agreement, which would be the landlord’s job to provide. Similarly, a tenant improvement allowance can be used as a way for

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6 Ways to Improve Things for Your Tenants in San Diego

Being a landlord is effectively a business, so like any other business it makes sense to increase revenue. One of the simplest ways to do this is by making regular tenant improvements. What’s more, if these improve property value too, then all the better for you. While tenant improvements can take up valuable time and

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5 Tips for Selecting a Tenant Improvement Contractor

If you’ve decided to go ahead with tenant improvements, then finding the right contractor is important. The best tenant improvement contractor should deliver quality without wasted time or money. Here are 5 tips for selecting the right tenant improvement contractor. 1. Experience is a must Unlike some other industries, experience is the backbone of commercial

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