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Remodeling Tips To Improve Restaurant Facade

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Tips To Improve Restaurant Facade

The best design for a restaurant storefront is one that does not demand attention. But, rather, the design must withstand curiosity. And, this kind of curiosity is what draws people to step inside, try the food and see if their curiosity was satisfied by the entire experience. 

Making  your storefront worthy of that lingering curiosity is possible, especially if you choose to hire the best restaurant remodeling contractor. 

Remember that how your storefront is designed can make or break your business. 

In this article, we present some helpful tips, suggested by highly-experienced  restaurant remodeling contractors.

Harness that “Fear of Loss”

When trying to come up with the best design for a retail remodel to improve your restaurant facade, keep in mind the basic rule of marketing.  “Fear of Loss is More Irresistible than Hope of Gain”.

Your restaurant’s facade must create the feeling among people that if they don’t step inside, they will miss out on something. 

How your storefront looks should make customers feel that your restaurant is the only way to go when all they want is great food and great dining experience.

Emotions are More Powerful

Ask yourself, “How would people feel each time they see my store facade?”. Does my restaurant’s storefront unconsciously lead people to walk slowly so they could have the chance to scrutinize what’s inside?

The emotions that your storefront elicits among individuals should be something that’s favorable to your aim of creating a need among your prospect customers. 

The looks of your restaurant must create necessity. It should make people feel that they need to come in and dine. So, it’s not enough that it is visually aesthetic. Your storefront must be designed to make it emotionally inviting as well. 

If you aren’t sure how to make this possible, relax. You can always hire a restaurant remodeling contractor who has enough experience with designing and building storefronts. 

Use Transparency To Your Advantage

Any brick-and-mortar store only has a few seconds to be able to grab the attention of people passing by. Research shows that window displays can influence a person’s purchasing decision for more than 20 percent on average. 

So, take advantage of glass windows for your restaurant remodeling project. These windows must allow your customers to take a peek as you motivate their desire to dine in and keep coming back for more. 

To say that your restaurant’s display windows must be an attention grabber, could be an understatement. How your window displays are designed must be engaging enough that they would decide to stop for a few minutes, peruse through what you have displayed and then get inside to be able to see more. 

Note that transparency here is not just about the physical attributes of the glass windows. Transparency, with regard to brand awareness, means that it should clearly represent the values and the vision that you as a restaurant owner would want to convey to your customers. 

Let Your Signage Tell A Story

Let Your Signage Tell A Story

Signages are more than just your restaurant’s name and logo. It should reflect your company’s vision, while creating that special connection among your customers. 

Does your signage elicit a smile on a person’s face each time he walks by and glances at your restaurant’s signage? Will it bring about good memories in his mind? Or, does it create no connection at all?

Think about your customers taking a picture of themselves standing in your storefront, proudly telling their Instagram friends that they’ve been to your store. 

This means that the “image” that your restaurant facade represents tells your target market a story of awesome dining experience. An experience they would want to document not just on their smartphones but in their minds for the rest of their lives. 

Hire The Professionals

In a time-and-task driven world, attracting the attention of your target market is not an easy thing to do. But, it is also not impossible. You just need to know the basic and the best principles of designing a show-stopping storefront. 

You don’t have to be alone in doing this. You can always hire a professional restaurant remodeling contractor to make every cent count and all your restaurateur’s dreams come true. 

Why hire the professionals? The benefits of hiring a professional local restaurant remodeling contractor will largely outweigh its costs. Think about navigating through the local regulations for designing and building specific establishments. This task alone is already enough to send your headaches through the roof.

But when you leave everything to the professionals, you don’t have to go through the nuances of determining those key industry players. The remodeling contractors know exactly where to find subcontractors that provide excellent construction materials that’s within your budget.

Not to mention that these professional restaurant remodeling contractors also possess an appropriate insurance coverage and the right license to perform these types of projects. 

Most of all, do not forget that the best restaurants clearly represent a  marriage between two crucial elements – the storefront and the food. The first is what makes your customers decide to come in and eat. The second determines whether your customers would want an encore of everything that they’ve just experienced.