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Oceanside, California, is the third-largest city in San Diego County, boasting a population of over 180,000 people. Incorporated in 1888, Oceanside is located in the San Diego metropolitan area and lies on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, 35 miles north of San Diego.

Andrew Jackson Myers is known as the founder of Oceanside as he owned the first land. In the 1920’s Oceanside prospered with streetlights installed, a new golf course laid out and a grand new theater built – “The Palomar”. The city slogan reads: “Oceanside – City of Charm”.

For those interested in working in Oceanside there are plenty of opportunities; full time positions offer salaries ranging from $64,212.00 – $94,668.00 annually.

So if you’re looking for a picturesque beach town with plenty to do and lots of charm then look no further than Oceanside!

AH Construction is your go-to source for commercial remodeling, renovation and new construction services in Oceanside, CA and the surrounding areas. We are a premier commercial general contractor with years of experience in the industry, specializing in commercial real estate projects. Our mission is to provide our clients with top-notch quality service that meets their needs on time and budget.

In addition to our construction services, we also offer free conceptual floor plans, and free consultations. We believe that starting off with a consultation is the best way to get started on your project, allowing us to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a detailed estimate so you know exactly what to expect.

We guarantee satisfaction on every project we undertake and take pride in making sure our clients are happy with their finished product. If you live in Oceanside and are looking for a reliable, experienced commercial general contractor AH Construction is the company for you! Contact us today for more information about our services including:

• Commercial Remodeling

• Commercial Renovation

• Commercial New Construction

• Tenant Improvements

• Design/build Services

Commercial Remodeling

What is commercial space remodeling?

Commercial space remodeling is the process of upgrading and improving a commercial building to make it more attractive, modern and comfortable. It involves changing out old fixtures and appliances, installing new flooring, painting walls, adding ceiling tiles or wall panels and much more.

At AH Construction we offer complete commercial remodeling services in Oceanside, CA. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design the perfect office space that meets all your needs and looks great. We go above and beyond to provide quality craftsmanship and use only the best materials available on the market today.

Commercial Renovation

What is commercial renovation?

It’s less than a remodel , but more than a touch-up. Commercial renovation projects are typically focused on improving the existing aesthetics of a commercial building without making major structural changes. This could include painting, replacing fixtures and flooring, upgrading electrical wiring or adding new windows and doors.

We offer complete commercial renovation services designed to make your commercial space in Oceanside look fresh and modern without going over budget. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to come up with a plan that meets your needs and brings out the best in your office space.

Commercial New Construction

What is commercial new construction?

Commercial new construction involves building an entirely new or expanding an existing structure on a piece of raw land. This could include creating a retail space, office building or industrial complex. New construction projects require an experienced team of professionals who can handle all aspects of the project from design and planning to implementation.

We specialize in commercial new construction services in Oceanside, CA. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom plan tailored to your needs and budget. We use the highest quality materials and techniques to make sure your project is completed on time and meets all safety standards.

Tenant Improvements

What are tenant improvements?

Tenant improvements are changes made to a commercial building that improve the space for a specific tenant or business. This could include replacing doors and windows, upgrading electrical wiring, painting walls, installing new fixtures and much more.

We specialize in tenant improvements in Oceanside. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the best solution that meets your needs and budget without sacrificing quality or safety. We use only the best materials available on the market today so you know your project will be completed to the highest standard.

Design/Build Services

What are design/build services?

Design/build services encompass all aspects of a construction project from start to finish, including design, planning and implementation. This type of service is designed to save time and money by streamlining the process, and it is typically provided by an experienced team of professionals.

At AH Construction we offer complete design/build services in Oceanside, CA. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom plan that meets all your needs and budget requirements.