Commercial Remodeling Questions Answered

Commercial Remodeling Questions Answered

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At AH Construction, we pride ourselves on being experts in commercial contracting. We get asked a wide range of questions during our projects, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to answer them here.

If you’re thinking of hiring a San Diego general contractor, here are the most important questions you should consider asking.

1. Can my business stay open?

For the most part, businesses can usually stay open for most of the remodeling job. This will vary depending on the project, as some large-scale remodeling jobs will essentially turn the building into a construction site. Also, things like shutting off water and power will prevent your employees from working. During our remodeling projects, we do everything possible to minimize your business downtime.

2. How can we make the project more sustainable?

San Diego has something called The Green Building Program. It promotes the use of resource efficient practises and water saving measures. While it’s not applicable to every commercial renovation project, we can discuss your options further if this is something that interests you.

3. Do you follow regulations?

Commercial renovation projects have strict regulations to follow. For example, we work closely with:

  • ADA compliance
  • San Diego building codes
  • Health department codes
  • Fire Marshal codes

It’s important for us that our clients know how closely we follow these rules. If you’d like more information about your specific project, please let us know.

4. Is there anything I can do to make the project go faster?

There’s very little we ask of our clients that would make the project run faster. After all, good quality construction can’t be rushed, as this is what usually leads to silly mistakes. However, two of the most useful things you can do for smoother operation are:

Research ideas in advance. The more information you can provide at the start, the easier it’ll be.
Assign a point of contact who can make decisions. We appreciate that some things require consultation, but if we have a dedicated point of contact in your organization, we won’t be waiting around for approval.

5. How can I brief my employees on the upcoming project?

We’re always upfront about what we’ll need from you, and we’ll ensure you have this information well in advance. For example, if we need to shut off a section of your building, we’ll make sure you have enough time to communicate this to your employees.

We’ll also give you an idea of noise levels and project runtime so you can make arrangements for adjusting workspaces. Also, make sure your employees ask any questions or raise concerns in advance so we can address them before we get started.


These are by no means the only questions we get asked, but they’re definitely the most common. When hiring a commercial general contractor, be sure to get all the information you need to make your decision.

With more than 15 years experience in the construction industry, AH Construction will help you fully prepare for any renovation projects. Contact us to discuss your requirements further, and we’ll do everything we can to make the experience a smooth one.


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